Simple Fee's, HPI checked, Friendly service.

Whether you regularly attend auctions or auctions being something completely new to you we a have compiled a simple guide to auctioning with us.

Keys will be available from 5pm on auction day for you to inspect the vehicles. For anyone who is new to auctions and unsure in regards to assessing vehicles we would recommend that you bring along someone with buying experience or maybe a friend/family member to help you with your decision making. Make sure you have a clear budget in mind and don’t forget to factor in auctioneer fee’s plus VAT in your budget. Upon arrival you will be met and given a brief guide of the building and places/procedures of relevance. If you have not had time for dinner before arriving to the auction do not worry! There will  be refreshments available from our brand new kitchen which has been fitted with all hot food and drink facilities. You can ensure that you will be ready and raring to go once the bidding begins!

When bidding make eye contact with the auctioneer and clearly raise your hand for the auctioneer to accept your bid. Please bare in mind there may be several people bidding at the same time, as such the auctioneer has the final say on who’s bid is being accepted.

The bidding process will be simple, once you have won your bid for the vehicle you simply make your way to the rostrum to pay your deposit/full amount. A minimum deposit of 10% or £200 needs to be paid immediately, whichever is greater. If you are leaving a deposit only, please note full payment must be received within 24 hours of the auction ending. Vehicles will be free to collect once full payment is received!

Please note, vehicles offered in the auction are without warranty and mileage is considered as inaccurate. With all vehicles bought, it is your responsibility to ensure the vehicle is legal and road worthy before you take it onto public roads. Just because the vehicle may have a current MOT does not necessarily mean it is road worthy. Please ensure you examine the vehicles before the auction carefully and take note that you need to make sure you have the correct road tax, MOT and are insured to drive the vehicle before taking it onto public roads. If you are in any doubt for whatever reason, please see a member of staff to arrange transport of your vehicle.

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